your mood

I make rooms and spaces glow by creating mesmerizing MIX-MEDIA art that combines digital and hand made paintings.

About  Me

My name is Dana Levin, a 26-year-old artist who loves life and to work with colors. I opened DANA ART after realizing the importance of space design and its impact on our health and energy. 

I make sure to convey positive messages and make spaces glamorous and impressive.

& simulation

Choosing a paintng for your space is certainly not an easy task. The variety is endless and you may not be sure what will fit your wall better and blend ideally with the colors available in the space. That’s why, i give free simulations and consulting services to help you make the right choice. Send me a message and turn your dream into something real.



If there’s anything that excites me like the art itself, is to see my happy customers. Let’s see what it really looks like on the wall and how the people who breathe my art feel.