A picture is the ideal decoration for walls, it has style and it shows personality. Each picture has its own message that can create positive energy for those who staying in the room. Choosing pictures for home is not that difficult, keep reading and learn how to match the perfect picture for each space.

Matching the pictures for home and space – How to choose a picture?

How do we know how to fit the right picture into the home, taking into account data such as size, color and subject matter? How can you make the most of the picture and make sure it positively affects the room’s stay?

Picture size should be relative to the wall size

The ratio of picture size to wall size is aesthetically and even emotionally important. Huge pictures for home on small walls will give a feeling of crunch, even if the subject of the picture transmits a soothing feeling like landscape and open space. At the same time, very bright pictures in shades of white and cream can blend well into small walls as well, due to the white color’s tendency to give the illusion of space and a larger wall. A small picture on a large wall will not always achieve the desired effect, “swallow” and lose its importance. Make sure the area around the picture will be quite empty, in a way that will allow it to stand out but give you breathing space.

Bearing a picture for residences

The picture’s subject is important to get the best out of it and And it also affects the matching of pictures for home and to the room. In the living room, we want a number of warm and pleasant pictures that will make guests feel comfortable – landscape photos would be great for example In the deep spaces of the living room, corridors, or entrance to the second floor of the house, abstract art can be hung that invites guests to formulate a personal interpretation that will deepen their picture and intrigue. The bedroom, the fort of the couple, is the place to embark on an adventure – matching pictures for home that convey passion and romance will do the job and allow the couple to feel comfortable. And what about the kitchen? This is certainly one of the important spaces in the home, and it is required to be full of warm and family energy. Pictures of food and raw materials such as corn and open fields will develop your appetite, provided they are drawn in the right colors.

Business pictures theme

Business spaces need pictures based on the type of business and its purpose. Cafes and restaurants, for example, will fit pictures that open up your appetite and display tranquility, while office rooms will especially enjoy pictures of still life and landscapes. Clinics and treatment rooms can incorporate pictures of inspiration and power that will be perceived by patients as their need for personal development and out of the box.

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The importance of colors of when matching pictures for home

Colors have their own language, and their effect on the atmosphere in space is great. Each color has a cumulative effect, for better or worse. The blue and green color are cool but quite soothing, and should be used at a relatively low dose, and in any case not in areas such as kitchen and living room. Warm colors such as red, brown, pink, yellow and orange are more vivid colors that convey security and warmth, and can be incorporated into the kitchen, living room, restaurants and wherever we want to make people feel at home. Beyond the topic of color meaning, it is useful to match the color of the picture to the colors that control the space to create better harmony and flow. You can read more about the meaning of colors here.

Matching pictures for home – Your personal taste expression

Pictures have the ability to make the difference between a simple and alien room to a room full of inspiration and positive energy. When it comes to customizing pictures for home and space, choose the pictures you enjoy looking at and do well. Our home is a skylight for the soul, and through its design we can learn a lot about ourselves, our longings, dreams and emotions.

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