Home – our private place, the place of refuge, where we choose who to host and who to put into our hearts. The house should be the warm and protective place, one that makes us feel good with the first step in the door. One of the ways to make the house feel like home, is to place items with which we identify with. We will prefer to choose items which make us feel a sense of belonging, family and good energy. Pictures, and especially canvas pictures, can make your home a real gem if you only know how to choose the right one.

How do you choose canvas pictures?

When choosing canvas pictures, one must take into account the size of the picture, its frame, its colors and of course what is drawn on it. All of these will directly affect your feeling at home, making everyone who comes to you feel the right vibe as well.

Adjust the canvas pictures size to the room size

Canvas pictures are relatively flexible, and can be selected in several sizes. In order for a picture to be expressed best, it needs to fit the wall on which it rests in size aspects. Large rooms can contain large pictures without causing a bad feeling. If you design your living room, you can indulge in a large picture, and if it is an average or small bedroom size, a smaller picture will suffice. It’s important, that the picture will not be swallowed in a large room and, on the other hand, will not close it, especially if it is dark in color.

Canvas pictures – Choose the photo that identifies you

When we enter other people’s homes, we almost always know how to characterize them by their items and furniture. When it comes to home design, it can be said that people who choose to design their home in a rural design, for example, are much more nostalgic, romantic and love the family atmosphere. Those who choose to design their home in a modern design are much more connected to innovation, smart home and luxury. The same goes for the canvas pictures we choose to hang in our home. Whether you like abstract art, color shots or more tangible paintings – choose canvas pictures that will do you good when you look at them.

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Combine the color of the picture with the color of the space in the room

Harmony in the house is achieved by combining furniture and colors. You should choose colors for your picture that blend in with the existing tones in the space, or give it a contrast. For example, if the dominant color in your living room is the orange color, choose a picture that has relatively few touches of orange. If your living room has the green color in some furniture, such as a green tablecloth or an armchair, you can choose a picture where the green color is the dominant one.

emotional experience from looking at a canvas pictures with the right color

Beyond matching the colors to creating an ideally designed and flowing home, colors have a great impact on our minds. There are colors that create a sense of security and stability, and ones that communicate well with a sense of coolness and concentration and can be very suitable for work rooms. In any case, when choosing canvas pictures for the rooms, think about what you want to achieve in each room, and help with the meaning of the colors, as you can read here.

Canvas pictures – an ideal choice for decorating your home

The canvas is a strong material, which is undoubtedly very suitable for homes that like to feel part of the fashion order. Choose at least one photo for each room, and make sure it sends you positive messages and smiles on your face. In any case, do not forget that this is a picture and not a wall color, a fact that allows you to renew and refresh with new and original pictures for a period of time.

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