Dana Levin

My name is Dana Levin, I’m 26 years old- happily married and have a lovely child. Art is a part of my life from a very young age. I love life in their full range of shades and the combination of punctual and liberated work signifies my desire for meaningful life and positive energy. For me, creating a picture that will decorate your space is a dream come true.

Art Technique

MIX MEDIA is a combination of digital and handmade art. Our visual environment has a great impact on our well being and quality of life, that’s why I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to make your well being better, more relaxed and healthier. In my workflow, I select images and high-quality materials that convey a warm, powerful and emotional experience. Later on, I add colors and textures manually to transform the painting to be more vibrant.

My Work

My Blog

Come read the secrets of art and understand how I create the images that will decorate your space. Interested in a specific topic? Would you like to read about something else? Write to me, and I will surprise you.