Colors are a part of our lives, and not just about personal taste. The meaning of colors effects our choice with regard to home or office design. The choice is not random and every color has a meaning. Colors tells us a story about the people, and messages it transmits to them.

meaning of colors and the effects on people’s feelings

Usually, one can see a difference in personality between people who choose to design their home in shades of white and cream versus those who choose warm colors like yellow and red. We also familiar with this in our environment – clinics, which are supposed to convey soothing messages, will usually be designed in different colors than other rooms that will actually inspire and drive us. The meaning of colors, along with the ability of colors to affect our mood, they also have an effect on the sense of space – bright colors usually give the feeling of a larger space.

The story that colors tell us

There are colors suitable for bedrooms, and ones that are suitable for living room and kitchen, where the pace is different and more vivid. There are ideal colors for offices to maintain concentration and alertness, and those that will be fantastic for cafes and bring your guests peace and positive energy.

Warm, evocative and elegant colors

The brown color is a color that consists of the colors black, gray, green, red, orange and slightly purple. Furniture and items of this color, in all its shades, give a sense of stability and security to those staying at home, as the brown color is perceived by us as an earth connection. For this reason, parquet homes are considered to be warmer. The meaning of colors such as black color is very dramatic, but gives the space a very elegant atmosphere. When it comes to interior design, you can see how the black color takes up space in homes, too, and certainly in hotels and galleries. However, this color should be emphasized, such as a dark image, a black vase or a black collar, rather than a dominant color. Home decor in red is not recommended as being perceived as a threat in our minds and may increase heart rate. If combined with other warm colors like red and orange – it has a calming effect of confidence.

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Colors of concentration, clarity and coolness

The green and blue color are almost identical in their effect on the brain – they transmit calmness, clarity, concentration and even a little coolness. These are good colors when you want to get into a meditative mood, reduce pressure and balance your heart rate. Studies have shown that incorporating blue color in the kitchen reduces appetite and helps lose weight. The white is a color that has positive psychological abilities and communicates with feelings of freshness and physical and mental cleanliness, and is very suitable for cleanly designed spaces. The yellow color gives a sense of light and sun, and it is a positive color overall. At the same time, long-term yellow color can cause eye damage when it comes to too many items. As in the case of the black color, yellow is also recommended for emphasis rather than the main color in space. The pink and purple are colors that have a soothing psychological effect, but the purple one is a bit more luxurious.

The meaning of colors when combining them with each other

When choosing to design the space, you should use 3 main shades. The first shade will be quiet and make up 60% of the space – such as white, cream or gray. The second shade will be dominant and will be used for 30% of the items. For example, painting one wall, choosing a shade for a seating system, etc. Finally, the third, darker color will come in which will be about 10% and will be highlighted – corsa, big picture, vase, dresser, small rug and the like. It is important to choose the colors according to the purpose of the room and the sensations you want to convey since the meaning of colors and the feelings they triger are different. Kitchens are warm spaces, and not just because they are cooked. Bedrooms, on the other hand, are quieter rooms that contain us at the end of the day. Choose your favorite shades based on their psychological effects, and make sure they are matched so that your space doesn’t look like a collection of unrelated items.

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